When Is A Hotel Is Too Pricey? Paying £1,000 For A Night In Makkah During Ramadan

I thought I'll test out how I can use it, since I've a brand new Hilton Diamond status. I chose to check out how much it will charge me to go for Umrah (Islamic pilgrimage) to Saudi over the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

When Is A Hotel Is Too Pricey? Paying £1,000 For A Night In Makkah During Ramadan

A year ago I went and settled £2,000 for the whole trip 000, in place of £20 plus it was awesome due to the newest Hyatt which had access like a newly open hotel. Since they swept up towards the game of room blocking this season it’s not the case.

Hotel prices during the last 10 nights, that are considered the most holy time in Islam, are incredibly expensive. Yes you read that right.

Makkah Hotels

I consider Makkah to be one of the most expensive cities on earth, especially during Ramadan.

All of the time using things to guide is impossible since these 10 nights get blocked. There can be some choices but the points required are incredibly large for the properties.

The newest hotel in Makkah is completely booked but currently they're providing an area for £1,000 per night to me since I am Stone member. The past 10 times. Basically it will charge me a cheap £10,000. On top of this the visas cost around£400 per person (last year charges); they still haven’t declared prices for that visas this Ramadan.

Makkah Hotels

Even the water rentals in the Maldives seem cheap compared to Ramadan in Makkah.

Makkah Hotels

When Is A Hotel In Makkah Is Too Pricey: £1,000 For One Night In Makkah During Ramadan

Maybe this season I will spend Ramadan in the Maldives. Ha!

Nevertheless I have to state that I could happily spend the items value and the sensation is remarkable. Then definitely the bucks too if I have the money. The serenity and beauty of this position may be worth the money, even if you need to discuss it using a thousand people in a single small area it feels spacious and magical. I guess hotels and providers realize this perfectly and take full benefit of it.

What's your take? Do you want to move in Makkah going back 10 nights with these rates?

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